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I can not recommend Amelia at Sarasota Hypnobirthing enough! Hypnobirthing 100% helped me have the peaceful, empowered, and unmedicated birth I was hoping for. Amelia is incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and keeps the lessons educational, but relevant to you and your needs. She is also an incredible advocate! She helped me make one of the most impactful decisions in my birthing experience (changing my doula) because she recognized my reticence and encouraged me to follow my intuition.
I am so grateful for Amelia and hypnobirthing and 100% recommend both!!

Marissa T.

Amelia is Amazing! She helped me achieve the birth experience I wanted and we are so thankful! I had such a beautiful experience. I highly recommend having Amelia as a doula and hypnobirthing teacher! She really helped me accomplish a peaceful, fast, and beautiful birth! The education and tools she provided are so essential no matter what your birth plan may be! Even if my birth didn’t go as planned the hypnobirthing would’ve helped me get through it in a more positive way. It’s a lifelong tool that I will continue to use in various situations. Forever grateful! Thank you Amelia!

Tiffany H.

Amelia is such a gift! She (and her teaching) is compassionate, inspired, real, honest and so relatable. We are beyond grateful to have her as a resource for our upcoming birth and I can’t recommend her more for other mamas! Do yourself (and your baby) a favor and sign up for her Hypnobirthing series — or hire her as a doula — or both! ❤️

Nicole L.

My husband and I got so much wonderful education and confidence from taking the HypnoBirthing course with Amelia.  The course educates on so many topics including the birthing process, how peaceful and natural labor is possible, hands-on relaxation techniques, education about different interventions and the science behind (or not behind) them, and how your partner can be the best support they can be throughout.

Amelia was our instructor, and she has tons of real-world experience as she is also a doula.  She is incredibly passionate and well-informed about natural birth, and we trust her completely.

I can’t recommend this course or Amelia enough!

Sherry F.

Amelia is a passionate and knowledgeable Hypnobirthing educator. Because of Amelia was are looking forward to our birth with excitement. We feel confident that our baby will be birthed in a calm, gentle environment. Thank you Amelia for sharing your love and light. You are inspiring.

Mandi K.

I credit Amelia as the reason my births were so easy. i wouldn’t have known about [HypnoBirthing] without her.

Olisa E.
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